Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Response to "85 MPH is plenty safe."

I recently read an article posted by my colleague, Thomas Brown, on his blog regarding the Texas speed limits through out the state. He suggests that Texas should raise the speed limit to 85 for the rural highways stretched across our borders. Although I agree with his article for the most part, there are some serious implications that can be avoided by driving at a slower speed limit. Here is my response to his article that I posted as a comment on his blog:

"Like most young adults, I suffer from an extremely reckless and fiscally irresponsible case of lead foot. I agree with you, it's extremely difficult to abide by the state controlled speed limits especially when enduring a long drive across the Texas border. Coming from a girl that drives 12 hours twice a year to visit relatives in Florida, I can't imagine actually going the speed limit the entire duration of the drive. I read an article once that by raising the speed limit, it creates more aware and cautious drivers. Increasing your speed also increases the amount of attention you pay to your driving, drivers surrounding you, and your environment. However, a big argument against raising the speed limit is that when you are driving 70+ miles per hour, you lose a large portion of control from avoiding implications. When you are driving faster than 70 mph, controlling your vehicle after blowing out a tire or avoiding an accident, especially when it's raining, becomes a much harder task to accomplish safely. 


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