Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Consequences of Governor Perry's Iron Fist

After the monumental decision of the Supreme Court upholding most of Obama's health care reform as constitutional, Governor Rick Perry quickly released a statement clarifying that Texas would choose not to abide by the health care law. KXAN released an article, "Big downside to saying no to health law," which pertains to the consequences of choosing to not implement the law within the boundaries of Texas. The already 1.3 million Texans that are currently uninsured would rise in number. Also, some middle class benefits wouldn't be available for Texans that qualify. Hospitals operating in Texas wouldn't receive funding provided by the government and without their funding, they'd be forced to close programs. Essentially, we'd be paying for a benefit that we wouldn't receive, our funding will go to a state that chooses to adhere to the law.

Whether we, as Texans, agree or disagree with the health care law there are consequences for either side. This health care law is extremely important and relevant for what it entails, a major change that the United States has never encountered before. It is critical to be aware of the major changes around the nation, but as well as here, in Texas. This article details the possible outcomes that could occur if Texas stands by its decision to opt-out of the law, a law that would affect each and every Texan. Governor Rick Perry's decision echoes the voices of many Texan residents that advocate for smaller government, limited government funded social programs, and an individualistic view point. However, the cries of the 1.3 million Texans that are uninsured will also echo from the East and West boundaries of Texas.

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